Place Creative Company

Pet Naturals

A Brand with Claws


Pet care products are a multi-billion dollar industry in America alone. For a brand to succeed in this crowded market it needs to stand out and build genuine trust with customers since pet owners hold very high standards for purchase. PetNaturals approached Place for brand strategy, advertising and packaging design to help land and strengthen accounts with Petco and Petsmart and create a deeper connection with shoppers. We helped leverage several core equities on which consumers were shopping. First we drove home the medicinal and “veterinarian strength” aspects of the brand without sacrificing on the product’s “natural” contents. We also infused an essential sense of personality into the brand through whimsical advertising and promotions that pet owners and retailers related to. The caped “super dog” and “super cat” on the Pet Chew SKU’s leapt off the shelves at retail and opened doors to new accounts for the brand. PetNaturals’ steady sales growth and new retail accounts reflect a strengthening sense of trust between the brand and its growing audience.