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Account Director

Account Director

This position is crucial to the success of our client’s projects. An Account Director at Place has strong relationship and project management skills to get projects smoothly down the pipeline.  It should be someone with an understanding of branding, an interest in design, and has completed creative projects for innovative companies/brands. Account Directors work closely with our clients and our internal team to ensure projects are completed efficiently and “on brand”. They are a direct conduit between the agency and our clients. They live the brands they work with and know them inside and out so that when a project is complete, it is undeniably on target. We want someone to pitch in wherever needed on any project, aspire to be the best, elevate those around you, take ownership, and do it all with grace and humor.

Leadership: As an account director, leadership is key. You are a leader in the eyes of the client and a leader to our internal team. You know how to bring a team together vs. going it alone. You keep everyone informed. You set and manage expectations, but always work to exceed them.

Support: Great leadership can’t happen without supporting your team. As an account director, you are a conduit to the client and a conduit to our team. You support both with equal dedication. It means structured deadlines and keeping everyone on track. It’s attention to the unglamorous details. You wrangle assets for our design team so they can dive into a job with confidence.


  • Understand the big-picture flow-of-work and how it fits with other Place projects
  • Daily check-ins with Place team to keep things on track and be able to delegate to the team
  • Monitor client and project profitability
  • Organize, meet, brainstorm the big ideas, strategize, and write reports
  • Participate and lead client meetings
  • Schedule overall brand rollouts and individual projects
  • Coordinate with clients to schedule meetings – write meeting reports
  • Eventually, be the main contact for key accounts, updates, new requests, and scheduling
  • Be the gatekeeper and manage client expectations
  • Build the relationship into a better, more profitable account
  • Interact with the team to keep them informed and effective in completing projects
  • Open and close jobs in time tracking software and set up for billing
  • Work closely with the Account team leadership and Partners, as applicable

Secondary tasks

  • Vendor Management
  • Understand what’s needed, do the research, help develop the specs, get prices and prepare for client
  • Help write estimates, proposals or responses to RFPs


  • Bachelor’s Degree in liberal arts, marketing, business, PR or equivalent experience.
  • Experience in account service in an in-house or agency environment
  • Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills
  • Experience with digital marketing is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of the WordPress CMS
  • Some experience with the Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)

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